Kio Manhole Cover Brings New Innovation To The Streets

Coming from the Polieco Group is the smart, innovative manhole cover that will change the history of the streets. The Kio manhole cover is available now, and can be purchased for immediate placement in your city streets.

What makes the Kio manhole cover better than the standard cast iron manhole covers? Research, development, and innovation. The Polieco Group has gone out of their way to design what is the next step in the evolution of manhole covers by creating a manhole cover that changes the history of our street’s manhole covers.

The manhole covers are designed to be a fraction of the size and weight of the traditional cast iron manhole covers. This allows them to be easier, and less costly, to ship from location to location. That by itself would be a huge boon to the city, but the benefits continue. The size and weight makes them much easier to place, and their unique shape makes them a deterrent to theft and vandalism.

The Kio manhole cover manufactures is designed to be durable and resistant to weather damage. That means you won’t have to replace the Kio manhole cover as often as you have to replace the traditional cast iron manhole covers. When combined with the lowered cost of shipping due to weight and size, it’s easy to see how the Kio manhole cover is a smart replacement for any traditional cast iron manhole cover that your city has placed.

The lower weight makes it easier and faster to place, meaning you can hire less work crews to place them. The composite material also reduces noise, from both any vehicles driving over them as well as any foot traffic. This allows you to cut down on the noise pollution, and increase the amount of traffic on your city streets, thus boosting the amount of business local shops will see going through.

The Polieco Group has always been big on research, development, and innovation, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the creation of their Kio Kinext manhole cover. Instead of trying to see how they could change and shape the traditional cast iron design of manhole covers, they decided to see what else they could use to produce manhole covers. Their results turned out to be one of the most innovative creations in the realm of manhole covers to date.

The Kio manhole covers by Polieco Group are available for immediate purchase and placement. Their goal is to change the history of the streets across the world, one manhole cover at a time. With such innovative manhole covers, there’s no question of their ability to do so.

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